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Congratulations – CLIFF RICHARD

Guitar Chords
Cliff Richard - Congratulations (Eurovision Song Contest, 1968)
        F               G
Congratulations and celebrations
            G7            C7                  F
When I tell everyone that you're in love with me
Congratulations and jubilations
           G7                C7           F
I want the world to know I'm happy as can be

            C7                                F     
Who would believe  that I can be happy and contented
          C7                             F
I used to think that happiness had to be invented
But that was in the bad old days before I met you
       G7                   C7
When I let you walk into my heart


I used to think that maybe you thought you were above me
That I was only fooling myself to think you'd love me
But then tonight you said you couldn't live without me
That round about me you want me to stay


Songwriter/Composer Cliff Richard
Album/Movie/Genre Congratulations

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