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Guitar Chords
G  G  F  C  D  F  C  D

D              C         Am
Ye shahar meri jaan iska naam
F           G
Hay meri pehchan
     C            G       F       G
Meri sanson may basa is hawa ka nasha
     F          C       G    C
Mera dil mera pata mari jaan     
      F        G          F        C
Ye shahar meri jaan ye shahar meri jaan

G             Bm        F            C
Kehti koi kahani ye galiyaan ye bastiyaan
G              Bm       F      C
Raahon ko sajaati padon ki daliyan
     G     C           G     C
Ye nazaara   kitna hai pyara
      F        G          F        C
Ye shahar meri jaan ye shahar meri jaan

Bhagta phir raha har insaan yahan
Dil may hay basaye jeenay ka armaan
Sabka sahara shehar hamara
Dilli hai meri jaan Dilli hai meri jaan

Songwriter/Composer Euphoria
Album/Movie/Genre Phir Dhoom

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Confused about a chord? Try the chord families page, or the guitar chords dictionary.
How to transpose the chords? Major scales can be transposed by simply selecting the desired note given above the song. To transpose a minor scale select the note of the relative major scale.

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