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Kya Khoob Lagati Ho – DHARAMATMA

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    Am           G        C              Am
Kya khoob lagati ho, badi sundar dikhati ho
G                           C
Phir se kaho, kahate raho, achha lagata hai
G             C          G            Am
Jeevan ka har sapana, ab sacha lagata hai

Kya khoob lagati ho...

Taarif karoge kab tak, bolo kab tak
     C         G            Am
Mere seene men saans rahegi jab tak
Kab tak main rahungi mann may, haan mann may
  C        G              Am
Suraj hoga jab tak neel gagan may

Phir se kaho, kahate raho...

Kya khoob lagati ho...

Khush ho na mujhe tum paakar, mujhe paakar
Pyaase dil ko aaj mila hai saagar
Kya dil men hai aur tamanna
Har jeevan men tum mere hi banana

Phir se kaho, kahate raho...

Kya khoob lagati ho...

Songwriter/Composer Indeevar, Kalyanji-Anandji
Album/Movie/Genre Dharmatma

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