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Tanha Dil – SHAAN

guitar 16
Aankhon mein sapne liye
Ghar se hum chal toh diye
          C            G          D
Jaane yeh raahe abb le jaayengi kahaan

Mitti ki khushbu aaye
Palkon pe aansu laaye
Palkon pe reh jaayega yaadon ka jahaan

C           G
Manjil nayi hain
   D             Am
Anjaana hai kaarava
       C     G     D
Chalna akele hai yahaan

      Am           Em
Tanha dil, tanha safar
        C                 D
Dhoonde tujhe phir kyun nazar
Tanha dil....

Dilkash nazaare dekhe
Jhilmil sitaare dekhe
Aankhon mein phir bhi tera chehra hai jawaan
Kitni barsaate aayi
Kitni saugaate laayi
Kaano mein gunje phie bhi teri hi sada
Waade kiye the, apana hoga aashiyaan
Waado ko jaane hoga kya
Tanha dil, tanha safar
dhunde tujhe phir kyun nazar - 2
      Am  C  G  D
Tanha dil....
Tanha dil...

Aankhon mein sapne liye...

Tanha dil...

Songwriter/Composer Ram Sampath, Shaan
Album/Movie/Genre Tanha Dil

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