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Ona Poove Omal Poove – EE GAANAM MARUKKUMO

    Dmaj7      D
Ona poove omal poove
    Em              A
Nee thedum manohara theeram
               D         Bm   D
Doore madi vilippoo itha itha itha

D              G
Anthar daha sangeethamayi
Sandhya pushpa saurabhamayi
E                  Em       D
Anu bhoothikal pon ithalithalayi
Bm      A       D
Azhakil viriyum theeramitha

Ona poove...

vinnil divya shangolikal
mannil swapna manjarikal
kavithan sharika kalmozhiyal
naruthen choriyum theeramitha

Ona poove...

villum veena pon thudiyum
pullor pennin mankudavum
swara ragangalil ozhuki varum
amritham pakarum theeramitha

Ona poove...

Songwriter/Composer O N V Kurup, Salil Chowdhury
Album/Movie/Genre Ee Gaanam Marukkumo

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