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Sad, Beautiful, Tragic – TAYLOR SWIFT

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Taylor Swift - Sad Beautiful Tragic (Lyrics)
G                D
Long handwritten note
             Am     C
Deep in your pocket
G                      D
Words, how little they mean
                         Am      C
When you're a little too    late
  G                  D
I stood right by the tracks
               Am     C
Your face in a locket
     G                      D
Good girls, hopeful they'll be
                   Am   C
And long they will wait

   G      D
We had, a beautiful
      Am          C
Magic love there
       G    D
What a sad, beautiful, tragic
Am   G  C
Love a--ffair

In dreams, I meet you
In warm conversation
We both wake in lonely beds
Different cities
And time is taking
It's sweet time erasing you
And you've got your demons
And darling they all look like me

Cause we had, a beautiful
Magic love there
What a sad, beautiful, tragic
Love affair

Am                C
Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting
G                       D
Silence, the train runs off its tracks
Am                            C
Kiss me, try to fix it, could you just try to listen
Hang up, give up, and
D                Am    G     C    
For the life, of us we can't get back

A beautiful, magic, love there
What a sad, beautiful, tragic
Beautiful, tragic, beautiful
What we had, a beautiful
Magic, love there
What a sad, beautiful, tragic
Love affair
We had, a beautiful, magic
Love there
What a sad, beautiful, tragic
Love affair

Songwriter/Composer Taylor Swift
Album/Movie/Genre Red

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