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Disco Deewane – NAZIA HASSAN

Disco Deewane | Lyrical | Nazia Hassan
C#               F#
Disco deewane aa-haan, aa-haan
    C#               F#
Ho! Disco deewane aa-haan, aa-haan

  C#               A#m
Nasheeli hai raat, haaton mein haat
F#                G#
Nachen sitaron ke saath
C#                A#m
sundar badan, yeh chanchal dahel
F#             G#
Naachen gaayen saath

Disco deewane...

Humari awaz, mohabat ka saath
Aao sajadein yeh raat
Jhoomein qadam, behakte qadam
Subaha ho ya ho raat

Disco deewane...

Songwriter/Composer Anwar Khalid, Biddu
Album/Movie/Genre Disco Deewane

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