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Disco Deewane – NAZIA HASSAN

Disco Deewane | Lyrical | Nazia Hassan
Bbm              F#
Disco deewane aa-haan, aa-haan
    Bbm              F#
Ho! Disco deewane aa-haan, aa-haan

Nasheeli hai raat, haaton mein haat
Nachen sitaron ke saath
sundar badan, yeh chanchal dahel
Naachen gaayen saath

Disco deewane...

Humari awaz, mohabat ka saath
Aao sajadein yeh raat
Jhoomein qadam, behakte qadam
Subaha ho ya ho raat

Disco deewane...

Songwriter/Composer Anwar Khalid, Biddu
Album/Movie/Genre Disco Deewane

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