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Saagar Kinare – SAAGAR

Guitar Chords
         C              F
Saagar kinare dil yeh pukaare
        G                     C
Tu jo nahee toh meraa koyee nahi hai

C       F              C
Jaage nazaare jaagee havaayen
          F              C
Jab pyaar jaaga jaagee fizaayen
            G              F         C
Pal bhar ko dil kee duniya   soyee nahi hai

Saagar kinare...

Leharo pe naache kirno kee pariya
Mai khoyee jaise saagar me nadiya
Tu hee akelee toh khoyee nahee hai

Saagar kinare...

Songwriter/Composer Javed Akhtar, R D Burman
Album/Movie/Genre Saagar

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How to transpose the chords? Major scales can be transposed by simply selecting the desired note given above the song. To transpose a minor scale select the note of the relative major scale.

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