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O majhi re - Khushboo
O manjhi re O manjhi re
Apana kinaara
          Bb     C
Nadiya ki dhaara hey
O manjhi re

Saahilon pe bahney waale
              F      C
Kabhi suna to hoga kahin oh...
Kaagazon ki kashtiyon ka
              F      C
Kahin kinaara hota nahi
         F  Bb        C
O Manjhi re    manjhi re
Koi kinaara jo kinaarey se milay wo
       Bb    C
Apna kinaara hey

O manjhi re...

Paaniyon mey bah rahey hey
Kai kinarey tootey huey oh...
O raaston mein mil gaye hain
Kabhi sahare chhoote huve
Koi sahara manjhdharey mey milay to
Apna sahaara hey

O manjhi re...

Songwriter/Composer Gulzar, R D Burman
Album/Movie/Genre Khushboo

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