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Ponveene Ennullil – THALAVATTAM

Em       D        Em        C
Ponveene ennullil    maunam vaangoo
Em        D          Em         C
Janmangal pulkum nin    naadham nalkoo
Em            G         A
Dhoothum peri neengum megham
Em           G        A
Mannin vegam etho kaaatham
G         A        Em      G
Hamsangal paadunna geetham iniyuminiyumarulee

Ponveene ennullil...

Em                                   G
Venmathikala choodum vinnin chaaruthayil
Em                                    G
Poomchirakukal thedi vaanil athirukal thedi
A                   Em
Parannerunnoo manam marannadunnu
Em                     G             A
Swapnangal neythum navarathnangal peythum
Em                     G             A
Swapnangal neythum navarathnangal peythum
G         A         Em      G
Ariyaathe ariyaathe amritha sarassin karayil

Ponveene ennullil...

Chenthalirukalolum kanyaavaadikayil
Maaninakale nokki kayyil karukayumaayi
Varam nedunnu swayam varam kollunnoo
Hemantham pole navavaasantham pole
Layam pole malar pole ariya haritha giriyil

Ponveene ennullil...

Songwriter/Composer Poovachal Khader, Raghu Kumar
Album/Movie/Genre Thalavattam

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