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G            C   G         D
Gazab ka hai din   socho zaraa
G         C      G         D
  Ye diwaanaapan   dekho zaraa
C             Bm
Tum ho akele, hum bhee akele
G              D          G
Mazaa aa rahaa hain kasam se

G                Em
Dekh lo hum ko kareeb se
Am      D             G
Aaj hum   mile hain naseeb se
G          C             D            G
Ye pal fir kahaa aaur ye manzil fir kahaa

Gazab ka hai din...

Kyaa kahoo meraa jo haal hai
Raat din tumhaaraa khayaal hai
Fir bhee jaana-ye-jaan
Main kahaa aaur tum kahaa

Gazab ka hai din...

Songwriter/Composer Majrooh Sultanpuri, Anand-Milind
Album/Movie/Genre Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

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