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Tum Ho Mere Dil Ki Dhadkan – MANZIL

Eb     Gm   Cm     Eb
Tum ho mere dil ki dhadkan
Ab      Cm       Fm
Tum bin laage na mann
    Bb            Eb
Tum ko hi dhoonda karte hain
        Bb        Eb
Har pal mere do nayan

Eb                      Ab
Tum jo nahi to kaisi khushi
  Mayusiyon mein doobi
Bb          Eb
  Hain zindagi
Mujhe tum bin har palchhin
    Bb           Eb
Dansta hain soonapan

Tum ho mere dil ki...

Tumhe jo dekha to palkon tale
Laakhon diye se dekho
Jalne lage
Mera tanman mera jeevan
Tumse hi hai magan

Tum ho mere dil ki...

Songwriter/Composer Yogesh, R D Burman
Album/Movie/Genre Manzil

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