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Pyaar Hi Thha – EUPHORIA

Guitar Chords
     G           A       
Waqt ka wo nanha pal thha

       G       E       A 
Tanha tum thhi   tanha may thha

     G            A     
Meri aankhen tere aasoon

     G      E        A
Ab nahi tho   ab may samjha

      A              F
Pyaar hi thha, pyaar hi thha
      G                 A
Pyaar hi thha, wo pyaar hi thha

Bheegi raaten teri kampan
Tera chhoona mera jeevan
Thodti thhi teri khamoshi
Palko kay labzon ko ab may samjha
Pyaar hi thha...

Khush nasibi hum na samjhe
Uski marzi hum na samjhe
Har gayi tu chal padi tu
Tu na samjhi par ab may samjha

Pyaar hi thha...

Songwriter/Composer Euphoria
Album/Movie/Genre Phir Dhoom

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Confused about a chord? Try the chord families page, or the guitar chords dictionary.
How to transpose the chords? Major scales can be transposed by simply selecting the desired note given above the song. To transpose a minor scale select the note of the relative major scale.

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