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Ye Jeevan Hai Is Jeevan Ka – PIYA KA GHAR

Guitar Chords
      G             D7
Ye jeevan hai is jeevan ka

C        G        D             G
Yahi hai yahi hai yahi hai rang roop
Thhodey gam hai thhodi khushiyaan
C        G        D               G
Yahi hai yahi hai yahi hai chhanv dhoop

G           C                     G
Ye na socho ismey apni haar he ki jeet hai
       C                     G
Usey apnalo jo bhi jeevan ki reet hai
Em            D            Bm      C     D7
Ye zid chhodo yoon na todo har pal ik darpan hai

Ye jeevan hai...

Dhhan se na duniya se ghar se na dwar se
Sanson ki dor bandhi hai pritem ke pyaar se
Duniya chhootey par na tootey ye aisa bandhan hai

Ye jeevan hai...

Songwriter/Composer Anand Bakshi, Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Album/Movie/Genre Piya Ka Ghar

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How to transpose the chords? Major scales can be transposed by simply selecting the desired note given above the song. To transpose a minor scale select the note of the relative major scale.

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