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Akele Akele Kahaan Ja Rahe Ho – AN EVENING IN PARIS

 C            Am        F
Akele akele kahaan ja rahe ho
                    G         C
Hamen saath le lo jahaan ja rahe ho

  C                 Am
Koi mit raha hai tumhen kuchh pata hai
   C                Am
Tumhaara hua hai tumhen kuchh pata hai
   F                  G                  C
Ye kya maajara hai tumhen kuchh pata hai

Akele akele...

Tadpata na chhodo meri jaan ho tum
Ye mukhada na modo meri jaan ho tum
Mera dil na todo meri jaan ho tum

Akele akele...

Koi rok lega to fir kya karoge
Kadam thaam lega to fir kya karoge
Khushaamad karega to fir kya karoge

Akele akele...

Songwriter/Composer Hasrat Jaipuri, Shankar-Jaikishan
Album/Movie/Genre An Evening In Paris
Place capo on fret 1.

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