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Vaachaalam En Mounavum – KOODUM THEDI

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Vaachalam En Mounavum | Koodum Thedi | Malayalam Movie Songs | Mohan Lal | Radhika
Bm  A  G  F#

       Bm          F#           Bm    F#
Vaachaalam en mounavum nin
       Bm          F#           A   D  Bm
Thenoorum swapnangalum
Vaachaalam vaachaalam

 Bm                  G          A
Oru vayal pakshiyaay   poonchirakil mel
F#m              Bm
  Uyarunnu njaan    uyarunnoo
                    G          A
Oru mani thennalaay   thazhvarayaake
F#m               Bm
  Thazhukunoo nee    thazhukunnoo
F#                           Bm       F#
Manimulam kuzhalithaa kaadakave sangeetham
                           Bm      F#
Kuliram thalirithaa kaadakave romancham

Vaachaalam en mounavum...

Oru mulam thathayaay ila velkkunnu
Orila eerila mukarunnu
Rithumathi poovukal thaalamidunnoo
Hridayam thaane padunnoo
Manimulam kuzhalithaa kaadakave sangeetham
Kuliram thalirithaa kaadakave romancham

Vaachaalam en mounavum...

Songwriter/Composer M D Rajendran, Jerry Amaldev
Album/Movie/Genre Koodum Thedi

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