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Bappi Lahiri – Biography

Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri (born Alokesh Aparesh Lahiri), also known as Bappi Da, was an Indian singer, composer and record producer. He popularised the use of synthesised disco music in Indian music industry and sang some of his own compositions. He was popular in the 1980s and 1990s with filmi soundtracks. He also delivered major box office successes in Bengali, Telugu, and Kannada films. His music was well received into the 21st century. In 1986, he was recognised by Guinness World Records for recording more than 180 songs in one year.

His parents, Aparesh Lahiri and Bansuri Lahiri, both were Bengali singers and musicians in classical music and Shyama Sangeet who belong to Lahiri Mohan Family of Sirajganj, East Bengal (Now Bangladesh). His parents, were both singers who met while performing for All India Radio. He was their only child. His relatives include singer Kishore Kumar, his maternal uncle. began to play tabla at the age of 3. Initially, he was trained by his parents. Since childhood, he idolised American musician Elvis Presley, and was inspired by him to wear multiple gold chains and gold jewellery. He thought of creating his own signature appearance when he becomes successful, and later upon becoming successful, he created his signature “golden jewellery” look inspired by that of Presley. He considers gold to be “lucky” for him.

Bappi Lahiri came to Mumbai when he was 19. He received his first opportunity in a Bengali film, Daadu (1974), where Lata Mangeshkar sang his composition. The first Hindi film for which he composed music was Nanha Shikari (1973) and his first Hindi composition was Tu Hi Mera Chanda sung by Mukesh. The turning point of his career was Tahir Husain’s Hindi film, Zakhmee (1975), for which he composed music and doubled as a playback singer. Bappi Lahiri became popular in the late 1970s-80s and early 1990s for the film soundtracks composed by him such as Naya Kadam, Aangan Ki Kali, Wardat, Disco Dancer, Haathkadi (1982 film), Namak Halaal, Masterji, Dance Dance, Himmatwala, Justice Chaudhury, Tohfa, Maqsad, Commando, Naukar Biwi Ka, Adhikar and Sharaabi. He was known for disco-style songs where he brought orchestration and fusion of Indian music with international sounds and youthful upbeat rhythms. Although most of his songs were written for discotheques and dance numbers, there are several melodious songs as well from a list of movies like Chalte Chalte, Zakhmee, Aangan Ki Kali, Patita, Adhikar, Aaj Ka M.L.A Ram Avatar, Laalchi, Aitbaar, Naya Kadam.

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