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Faith Healer – TORA TORA

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A                   G
  Walking with your eyes closed
       D        G
Down a dead end street
A                  G
  You think you're never coming back
That's when your heart begins to bleed, yeah
A              G
  Wandering in circles
        D                   G
And you don't know where to go

E               D
Let me take the rain
E               D
Let me take the pain
  And wash it away
A        F#m            G            D
  I'd do anything, give anything for you
     A           G       D
When your love's blinded my eyes can see, yeah
A        F#m            G               D
  I'd do anything, give everything it's true
C             G             C       G
Feel what I'm feeling, make you a believer
D    C             A
I'll be your faith healer

A                G
  Came without a warning
D                G
Tore your world apart
A                     G
  Lost dreams and bad memories
Have kept me in the dark, yeah, yeah
A              G      
  You can keep running
D                G
Running from the shadows of the past

E                D
Let me clear the rain
E               D
Let me take the pain
  And wash it away

I'd do anything, give anything...

Songwriter/Composer Anthony Corder, Keith Douglas, Patrick Francis, Tora Tora
Album/Movie/Genre Wild America

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