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Bheege Honth Tere – MURDER

Bheege honth tere, pyaasa dil mera
      D             G
Lage abra sa, mujhe tan tera
Jamke barsade, mujh par ghatayein
      D                G
Tu hi meri pyas, tu he mera jam
Em            D     Em             G
  Kabhie mere saath,   koi raat guzar
Em            D        C         G
  Tujhe subah tak mein,  karoon pyar
G           G
Oh oh oho...Oh oh oho...

Sansen aanch teri, tan aag tera
Chhinen nind meri, loote chain mera
Kaala jadoo kare, lambe baal tere
Ankhein jheel tero, gore gaal tere

Kabhie mere saath...

Ankhein kah rahi, jo na hum kahe
Use sun le tu, jo  na lab kahe
Tu na soye aaj, main na soun aaj
Tuhe dekhoon aaj, tujhme khoun aaj

Kabhie mere saath..

Songwriter/Composer Sayeed Quadri, Anu Malik
Album/Movie/Genre Murder

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