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Pukaarata Chala Hoon Main – MERE SANAM

Pukaarata Chala Hoon Main
        E          C#m
Galee Galee Bahaar Ki
Bas Ek Chhaanv Zulf Ki
         C#m        E
Bas Ik Nigaah Pyaar Kee
       G#             C#m
Pukaarata Chalaa Hoon Main

Ye Dillagi Ye Shaukhiyaan Salaam Ki
Yahee To Baat Ho Rahi Hai Kaam Ki
Koee To Mud Ke Dekh Legaa Is Taraf
  G#                    C#m
Koi Nazar To Hogee Mere Naam Ki

Pukaarata Chalaa Hoon Main...

Sunee Meree Sadaa To Kis Yakin Se
Ghataa Utar Ke Aa Gayee Zameen Pe
Rahee Yahee Lagan To Aye Dila-e-jawaan
Asar Bhee Ho Rahegaa Yek Haseen Pe

Pukaarata Chalaa Hoon Main...

Songwriter/Composer Majrooh Sultanpuri, O P Nayyar
Album/Movie/Genre Mere Sanam

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