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Lullaby – DAN SEALS

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Lullaby by Dan Seals (with lyrics)
Eb     Bb7
Sleep, lay me down
Eb              Ab
Hold me closely in your arms
    Eb     Bb7      Eb   Bb7
And I will close my eyes
Eb      Bb7
Please, promise me
     Eb             Ab
That when I wake up from my dreams
       Eb       Bb7   Eb
You'll be there by my side
Love, if you say
You won't slip away
     Ab                      Bb7
Then I can go dreaming on forever more
    Eb      Bb7
But I won't rest until
  Eb                 Ab
I know that you will be here
       Eb      Bb7   Eb
In the morning by my side

Here in my reach
I can see the one that I've waited for so long
And deep in my heart
I'll know the arms that hold me now
Will hold me from now on

I dread the dawn
I awake and find you gone
Please tell me you will stay
Then sleep will come
I know my love has found a home
In your arms all my days

Songwriter/Composer Rafe Van Hoy, Danny Wayland Seals
Album/Movie/Genre Stones

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