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Din Ho Ya Raat – KK

Guitar Chords
Din Ho Ya Raat
Em          A
  Din ho ya raat
Em        A
  Tera hi naam
Em          A          Em  A
  Jeete hai hum tere liye
Em           A
  Saathi bhi tu
Em           A
  Manzil bhi tu
Em           A          Em  A
  Tu hai toh bas mere liye

D            G
  Hai yahi tamanna
D              G
  Tere sang hi guzre yeh
D           G        F#7
  Jitni bhi hai zindagi

Bm7     E
  Tu hi hai
Bm7   E
Bm7    E
  Teri hai
Bm7   E

Dil na lage
Tere bina
Tu hai khushi mere liye
Teri hasi
Hai roshni
Teri wafa mere liye

Meri nigaahein
Aur meri yeh baahein
Bechain hai tere liye

Aa tujhe ik naam du
Pyaar ka paigaam du

Tu hi hai aarzoo, teri hai justju

Din ho ya raat tera hi naam
Jeete hai hum tere liye
Saathi bhi tu, manzil bhi tu
Tu hai toh bas mere liye
Hai yahi tamanna, tere sang hi gujre yeh
Jitni bhi hai zindagi

Tu hi hai aarjoo, teri hai jusju
Tu hi hai, tu hi hai

Songwriter/Composer Leslee Lewis
Album/Movie/Genre Pal

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How to transpose the chords? Major scales can be transposed by simply selecting the desired note given above the song. To transpose a minor scale select the note of the relative major scale.

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