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Mere Sapnon Ki Rani – ARADHANA

     Am        G        Am
Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu
     Am     G         F
Aayi rut mastaani kab aayegi tu
      Am         G         C
Beeti jaaye zindagaani kab aayegi tu
      G            Am
Chali aa, tu chali aa

Pyaar ki galiyaan, baagon ki kaliyaan
         G        Am
Sab rang raliyaan poochh rahi hain
     G                  Am
Geet panghat pe kis din gaayegi tu

Mere sapnon ki...

Phool si khilke, paas aa dil ke
Door se milke chain na aaye
Aur kab tak mujhe tadpaayegi tu

Mere sapnon ki rani...

Kya hai bharosa aashiq dil ka
Aur kisi pe yeh aa jaaye
Aa gaya to bahut pachtaayegi tu

Mere sapnon ki rani...

Songwriter/Composer Anand Bakshi, S D Burman
Album/Movie/Genre Aradhana

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