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Blue Turns To Gray – CLIFF RICHARD

Blue Turns to Grey (1998 Remaster)
G                       C    F
  Well, now that she is gone
    G                  C    F
You won't feel bad for long
    G             C
For maybe just an hour
          Am            G
Or just a moment of the day

F                     C    F
  Then blue turns to gray
               C   F
And try as you may
               C         F
You just don't feel good
                     C     D
And you don't feel alright
And you know that you must
Find her, find her, find her

You think you'll have a ball
And you won't hurt at all
You'll find another girl
Or maybe more to pass the time away

Then blue turns to  gray...

She's not home when you call
So you then go to all
All the places where she likes to be
But she has gone away

Then blue turns to  gray...

Songwriter/Composer Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Album/Movie/Genre The Singles Collection

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