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Ethrayo Janmamayi – SUMMER IN BETHLEHEM

Guitar Chords
     Cm      Fm         Eb        G
Ethrayo janmamayi ninne njan thedunnu
   Cm    G       Cm
Um um um   aa aa aaaaa
     Cm       Fm        Eb       G    
Athramel ishtamayi ninneyen punyame
   Cm    G       Cm
Um um um   aa aa aaaaa
       Cm       Gm        Cm        Bb
Dhoora theerangalum mooka tharagangalum
       C   Fm

Ethrayo janmamayi...

Cm          G      Bb     Cm
  Kattodu megham melle cholli 
         F               G
Snehardrametho swakaryam
Cm             G    Bb     Cm
  Mayunna sandhye ninne thedi
          F           G
Eeran nilavin paragam
Cm               G
Ennennum nin madiyile paithalayai
Cm              F         G
Nee moolum pattile pranayamayi
Cm       Gm         Cm   
Ninneyum kathu njan nilkkave

Ethrayo janmamayi...

Poovinte nenchil thennal neyyum 
Poornnenthu peyyum vasantham
Meymasa ravil pookum mulle 
Nee thannu theera sugandham
Ee manjum en mizhiyile maunavum 
En maril nirayumee mohavum
Nithyamam snehamayi thannu njan

Ethrayo janmamayi...

Songwriter/Composer Gireesh Puthenchery, Vidya Sagar
Album/Movie/Genre Summer in Bethlehem

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