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Jab Chhaye Mera Jaadu – LOOTMAAR

    F           Gm
Jab chhaye mera jaadu
  Dm          F
Koi bachh naa paye hai

F            C           Dm           Gm     F
Phulo kee narmee hu mai, sholo kee garmee hu mai
            Dm     C                  Gm      F
Toofano kee halchal hu, hawaon kaa aanchal hu mai
   F          Gm
Jo dhunde woh paye
     Dm            F
Phir bhee hath naa aaye

Kabhee mai dard jagatee hu, kabhee mai jakhm mitatee hu
Kabhee mai raj chupatee hu, kabhee khud raj ban jatee hu
Dil tute aur sath chhute, phir bhee too pichhe aaye

Songwriter/Composer Amit Khanna, Rajesh Roshan
Album/Movie/Genre Lootmaar

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