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Dard-E-Dil Dard-E-Jigar – KARZ

F         C7
Darde dil darde jigar
         F    C7    F
Dil me jagaya    aapne
F             Gm
Pehle toh mai shayar tha
F         C7   F
Aasheek banaya aapne

Aapki madhosh nazaren kar rahee hain shayaree
Gm         C7      F
Yeh ghajal meree nahee
               C7   F
Yeh ghajal hai aap--ki
F         Gm
Maine toh bas woh likha
F                C7   F
Jo kuchh likhaya aap--ne

Darde dil darde jigar...

Kab kaha sab kho gayee
F                    Gm
Jitanee bhee thee parchhaiya
Uth gayee yaro kee mehfil
F           C7   F
Ho gayee tanhai--yan
Kya huwa shayad koyee parda giraya aapne

Darde dil darde jigar...

F                 Gm
Aur thodee der me bas
Hum juda ho jayenge
Gm              F            C7       F
Aapko dhundunga kaise raaste kho jayenge
Nam tak bhee toh nahee
F           C7   F
Apna bataya aap--ne

Darde dil darde jigar...

Songwriter/Composer Anand Bakshi, Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Album/Movie/Genre Karz

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