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Chup Tum Raho Chup Ham Rahen – IS RAAT KI SUBAH NAHI

Chup Tum Raho Full Song
Chup tum raho chup ham rahen
   F             Bb     C
Khamoshi ko khamoshi se
     F          Bb    C
Zindagi ko zindagi se
Baat karne do oh ho ho...

        C              Bb      F
Aankhon mein kho jaaye aankhen
Am   F
Bole haathon se haath
Baahon mein chupkar
Saanson se jaise
     Gm  Bb  C
Dole ra--aa--at
      F           Bb    C
Ungaliyo ko ungaliyo se
     F            Bb     C
Mausamon ko shokhiyon se
Baat karne do oh ho ho...

Honthon par honthon se likhe
Bin shabdon ke geet
Dharati se ambar
Tak guunje jismon
Kaa sangeet
Bekhudi ko bekhudi se
Aashiqui ko aashiqui se
Baat karne do oh ho ho...

Songwriter/Composer Nida Fazli, M M Kreem
Album/Movie/Genre Is Raat Ki Subah Nahi

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