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Ye Dil Sun Raha Hai – KHAMOSHI

   Dm        C           Gm       Dm
Ye dil sun raha hai tere dil ki sada
   Bb        C         G        Dm
Ae mere humnashi may wahan tu jahan

       F            Bb
Meri sada may bolay tu
   Eb    F     Gm
Ye koi...kya...jaane
     Eb  F       Eb  F
Geet may hay saz may hay
      Bb Eb         F
Tu hi tu    nagma kahan

Ye dil sun raha hai...

Darday mohabbat kay siwa
Main bhi kya tu bhi kya
Ye zami hum aasman hum
Ab hamay jaana kahan

        F        Eb          F
Jaana kahan ab hamay jaana kahan

Ye dil sun raha hai...

Songwriter/Composer Majrooh Sultanpuri, Jatin-Lalit
Album/Movie/Genre Khamoshi

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