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G  Gsus4  G  Gm  Eb  A7  Gsus4  G
(Intro chords)

G  C  A  D  G

G                 C           D
Shaam savare teri yaaden aati hay
G                 C             D
Aakay dil ko mere yun thadapati hay
C   D     C           D     G
O sanam mohabbat ki kasa....umm


Milkay bichhudna to dastoor ho gaya
Yaadon may teri majboor ho gaya
O sanam teri yaadon ki kasam


G                D
Samjhe zamana ki dil hay deewana
G                    D
Jaana hay ab kya hay dil ka lagana
Em                Am
Nazaron say ab na humko girana
Em               D7             G
Mar bhi gaye tho bhool na jaana

Aankhon may bassi ho par door ho kahin
Dil kay kareeb ho ye mujhko hay yakeen
O sanam pyar ki kasam

Songwriter/Composer Syed Aslam Noor, Lucky Ali
Album/Movie/Genre Sunoh

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