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Yesterday – THE BEATLES

Guitar Chords
Yesterday The Beatles Lyrics
F          A  
Yesterday,    all my troubles 
          Dm       Bb
Seemed so far away  
       C7                      F
Now it looks as though they're here to stay 
    Dm  G        Bb    F
Oh  I believe in yesterday

F         A
Suddenly,   I'm not half the man 
  Dm          Bb
I used to be 
          C7             F 
There's a shadow hanging over me
   Dm    G        Bb    F
Oh yesterday came suddenly  

F   A   Dm  C  Bb
Why she had to go  
Dm     Gm       C        F
I dont know she wouldn't say
F A    Dm  C     Bb
I said something wrong
Dm    Gm       C     F  
Now I long for yesterday  

F          A
Yesterday,    love was such
        Dm           Bb
An easy game to play
      C7              F 
Now I need a place to hide away
    Dm  G        Bb    F
Oh  I believe in yesterday  

Why she had to...

F    G    Bb   F

Songwriter/Composer The Beatles
Album/Movie/Genre The Beatles

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