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Bhigee Bhigee See Hai – GANGSTER

Guitar Chords
Bhigee bhigee see hai ratein, bhigee bhigee 
Yadein bhigee bhigee batein, bhigee bhigee 
Em                  F
Aankhon me kaisee namee hai
            Em    F
Aa ha ha ha aa ha han...

Sapno kaa sayan palko pe aya, 
Pal me hasaya pal me rulaya
Phir bhee yeh kaisee kamee hai
Aa ha ha ha aa ha han...

   Em         Cmaj7               Bm
Na jane koyee kaisee hai yeh zindaganee 
    C       B              Em
Zindganee hamari adhuree kahanee

Aadhee aadhee jagee aadhee aadhee soyee
Aankhe yeh teree toh lagta hai royee
Lekar ke nam hamara
Aa ha ha ha aa ha han...

Rutha rutha rab chhuta chhuta sab
Tuta tuta dil tere bina abb, 
Kaise ho jina ganwara
Aa ha ha ha aa ha han...

Na jane koyee kaisee hai yeh zindaganee 
Zindganee humari adhuree kahanee

Bhigee bhigee see hai...        

Songwriter/Composer Mayur Puri, Pritam Chakraborty
Album/Movie/Genre Gangster

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