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Kasme Waade Pyaar Wafa Sab – UPKAAR

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Kasme Waade Pyar Wafa - Mannade - Upkaar (1967) - FULL VERSION
Eb            Db
  Kasme waade pyaar wafa sab
Bbm               Eb
  Baatein hain baaton ka kya
Eb             Ab
  Koyi kisi ka nahi ye jhoothhe
Fm                Bb     Eb
  Naatein hain naaton ka kya
Eb            Db
  Kasme waade pyaar wafa sab
Bbm               Eb
  Baatein hain baaton ka kya

Eb          Ab          Eb
Hoga masiha    aa..aa.. aa..aa..
Eb     Ab   Db        Eb
Hoga masiha    saamne tere
Ab            Cm       Fm   Eb
  Phir bhi na tu bachh paayega
Eb     Ab      Eb
Tera apna
Eb   Ab   Db          Eb
Tera apna    khoon hi aakhir
Ab       Cm    Fm   Eb
  Tujhko aag lagaayega
Aasmaan mein aey..aey..
Eb             Db
  Aasmaan mein    udne waale
Abm              Db    Eb
  Mitti mein mil jaaye ga

Kasme waade pyaar wafa sab
Baatein hain baaton ka kya

Sukh mein tere aey..aey..
Sukh mein tere saath chalengey
Dukh mein sab mukh moden gey
Duniya waale aey..aey..
Duniya waale tere bankar
Tera hi dil todenge
Dete hain  aey..aey..
Dete hain bhagwaan ko dhokha
Insaan ko kya chhoden gey

Kasme waade pyaar wafa...

Songwriter/Composer Indeevar, Kalyanji-Anandji
Album/Movie/Genre Upkaar

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