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Tumse Pyaar – EUPHORIA

Guitar Chords
Tumse Pyaar | Euphoria @ The Clinic | Palash Sen
Ab  Db  E  Gb  Ab

Gb            Db        Ab
  Chaha tumhe    O jaanejan
Gb         Db          Ab
  Chaha ik lamha chaha sara jahan
Gb           Db           Ab
  Chahi thhi manzil chaha ik nishan
Gb             Db        Ab 
  Thodi zameen    thhoda aasman
E       Gb
  Kehna chaahun may tumhe
E        Gb
  Bas ik baat
Abm       Gb
  Jhootha jeevan hay mera
E          Ebm          Db
  Hay sach hi hay tumse pyaar  

Yaad hay tumko wo suhani shaam
Jab liya thha tumnay mera haath
Socha na thha kya hoga anjaam
Thhoday aasoon thhodi khushiyan

Kehna chaahun may tumhe...  
B          Db     B          Db
  Jhoothay waday     jhootha ye sama
B         Db             Ab  
  Jhootha sab kuch sacha mera pyaar

      Ab       Gb  Db
Tumse pyaar... 

Jhoothay naate jhootha ye jahan
Jhootha sab kush sacha tera pyaar

Tumse pyaar...  

Songwriter/Composer Euphoria
Album/Movie/Genre Dhoom

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How to transpose the chords? Major scales can be transposed by simply selecting the desired note given above the song. To transpose a minor scale select the note of the relative major scale.

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