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Am          Dm  G           C
Chaand mera dil chaandni ho tum
Am            F               Am
Chaand se hai door chaandni kahaan
          Dm  G            C
Laut ke aana  hai yahin tumko
Am          F             Am
Jaa rahe ho tum jaao meri jaan

C        Am        F       Am
Waise to har kadam milenge log sanam
F           Bb         C7
Milega na saccha pyaar mushkil se
   C      Am    F      Am
Ho dil ki dosti khel nahin koyi
F                 Bb      C7
Dil se dil hai milta yaar mushkil se
G                 Abdim    Am
Yehi to hai sanam pyaar ka thikana
G          E          Am
Main hoon, main hoon, main hoon

Chaand mera dil...

Songwriter/Composer Majrooh Sultanpuri, R D Burman
Album/Movie/Genre Hum Kisise Kam Nahin

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